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Yes you do! The website will be consisting of a Single Page listing your products.

Yes. Your page will be fully responsive (that means it responds to the different screen sizes that it is displayed on) and will look great on all devices. We don’t charge extra for this, it comes as standard.

Yes, we’ll design and develop the page at a private location, so you can view it at any time and monitor the progress.

On average a page would take around a week to build, thoroughly test and put live.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of structuring your site and its content to ensure that you have the best chance of your website being returned in a good position when someone does a Google search for terms relevant to your business.

SEO over the years has grown and changed and become an industry in its own right. There are many companies whose sole purpose are to boost your placement on google through various techniques and campaigns.

When building a site we will always implement best practices for SEO. For more advanced SEO advice or paid campaign we will always refer you onto our trusted, specialist partners.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol to enable you to access a website securely. When you access a site which has SSL you will notice that the web address begins https:// rather than http:// (note the additional “s”). This means your interaction with that website is encrypted and information you enter can’t be stolen by hackers.

Google sees websites which use https:// as safe and the use of https may boost the ranking or your website over a non secure website. As of January 2017, Google has started differentiating between those websites that are secure and those that aren’t secure in their Chrome browser. You may see either the word “secure” or an “I” at the start of the web address. Users will have more confidence in clicking on your site if it is secure.

Web hosting is the provision of space on a web server to store your website. The web hosting company will also provide connectivity to the server so your website can be accessed by people using the public internet. You usually “rent” this space for a monthly fee (sometimes discounted if you pay annually).

A domain name is the easy to read name of your website. For us it’s skyhightex.com.

When choosing a domain name it’s important to make it relatable to your business. Keeping short and pronounceable makes it easy to remember accurately. You should also use an appropriate domain name extension i.e .net .com .org etc

The number of extensions available has dramatically increased over the years, however, .com still remains the most widely used.

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